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Refinishing Plus

Refinishing Plus specializes in reglazing all types and sizes of bathtubs.

Countertop Refinishing

Why replace when we repair and refinish your countertop in a faux granite finish for a fraction of the cost of real granite?

We can refinish your old, outdated or damaged countertop in just one day saving you thousands of dollars over the cost of replacement. We can refinish your countertop in faux granite with one of 10 beautiful earth-tone colors.

Why spend weeks with your kitchen torn up during the installation of a new countertop? We clean, repair and refinish your countertop while preserving your sink, backsplash and range top all while completing our work in just one day. If you want a new sink or backsplash, we can do that too!

All of our work is guaranteed with a full five year warranty and an expected life span of 20 years of typical use.  

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